Christmas is here again. Yawn! 1

Yes it’s nearly here again! Christmas is almost upon us and I can guarantee hardly any of you have prepared a thing. I know I certainly haven’t, but that’s nothing new in our household.

Well it’s time to dust off last years decorations that have been hiding under the stairs or in the loft. You can rest assured you’ll spend half a day untangling the annoying tree lights only to discover that you cut the plug off before you put them away earlier this year.


Happy untangling

I have a bad habit of reusing old lights even though most of the bulbs have broken. This means that when I come to decorating the tree, I have to delicately position the bulbs that do work, into the spaces that don’t. This can either be excruciatingly tedious or great fun, depending on your boredom threshold.

Another amusing, or not so amusing, part of Christmas tree erecting, is buying one from ‘that guy in the white van’ who always sells me a £30.00 bargain and I always fall for it. But when I get home, all I have is a very straggly bundle of twigs with pine needles falling everywhere, which would be better off on a fire. Oh well some people never learn. HA!

There are also the baubles and tinsel………..! Broken and knotted, enough said.

Christmas decoration

Cards or eCards

Have you ever wondered how many people actually bother to send real paper Christmas cards? No probably not, but I’m going to give you a rough idea anyway. It’s estimated that 1 billion are sent each year in the UK, but that figure was worked out by a Christmas card industry spokesperson. Say no more. I’m sure that electronic forms of yuletide merriment will become more popular as us oldies drop off the planet over the coming years. Only time and advertising agencies will tell.

Presents for all

I’m a last minute shopper and going by the amount of people I see rushing into the same shops as me at 4-30pm on a Christmas Eve, I’m not the only one and they’re nearly all men carrying perfume. HA! What a surprise.

But now there are no excuses for any of us, online shopping is here to stay. You can also change old habits, if you wish, and gradually buy items during the year and squirrel them away. The only problem with this system is trying not to surprise your partner with a Christmas gift in the middle of June, but I’m sure we all do that anyway. Don’t we? 

I’ve promised myself this year that all preparations will be carried out by the end of the first week in December.

Preparing Food in advance

Many people think that Christmas dinner has to be started at some ungodly hour by the woman in the household, but not anymore. Mainly because most men wouldn’t get away with not helping and also because you can start preparing your food now. Yes that’s true. Even the gravy can be cooked and frozen in advance and on the day you can just add the juices from whatever meat you have roasted.

There are a wide range of recipes available online or in various cookbooks, but if you know how to cook a roast your’re already prepared. It’s all down to deciding how much you need for each portion and how long everything will take to cook. 

I normally cook enough for four, even though there are only ever two of us. You never know who might arrive and it’s also nice cold.

Have pleasant dreams and a happy holiday.


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