Where should I begin?

When I first decided to write a blog of my own I didn’t really know where to start, or what to write about, but while I was cooking a meal one day it came to me.FOOD!

We all need it to survive and most of us at some point have attempted to construct a snack or meal of some kind. Whether it was beans on toast, or something a tad more adventurous, at least you tried. But even something like baked beans can be made at home and the results can taste amazing. They don’t have to cost a fortune and you can add your own mixture of spices and herbs to tailor them to your individual requirements. 

Everyone’s taste buds are different. Some people prefer spicy others like the taste of their childhood.

Full of beans: Tom Kerridge's baked beans and toast

Following recipes, or not?

Most cooking is based on self-confidence and being able to follow simple recipes. Knowing the basics of cooking will not only help you produce your own meals, but will also help you understand what to do and what not to do? You can never read too many cookery books, as they will not only give you some great ideas, they will also help you make up your own concoctions.  Once you have gained the basic skills required for a recipe you can then change it to suit you. 

I used to hate reading recipe books, because they all seemed beyond my reach as a cook. I then realised I had been cooking the same meals with a twist added for decades and was bored with chilli and pasta etc. I then started learning some new tricks in the kitchen (that sounds a bit strange) by reading a variety of cook books and online blogs and websites about the art of cooking.


Many aspects of cooking are trial and error while experimenting with various ingredients. This can be fun and can give you some amazing results. You’ll also have some unbelievable catastrophes, but don’t worry, next time you won’t make the same mistakes. Hopefully!

It is possible to cook anything if you concentrate and don’t PANIC! We all hopefully learn by our mistakes?






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